Trading In Glaze: A Donut Store Employee’s Path to Forex Success

Once a young kid at Dunkin’ Donuts, I strived to escape and build a successful life. After high school, I faced pressure to find a lucrative career path without a degree. To please my immigrant parents, I enrolled in Miami Dade College for a Criminal Justice degree, while working multiple jobs and investing in vehicle repairs on the side. However, I soon realized my dislike for the field and struggled academically. Seeking a new direction, I explored forex trading through a multi-level marketing scheme, gaining foundational knowledge before venturing on my own. It took a year of losses and learning from mistakes before achieving a breakthrough and receiving a substantial payout. Sharing my success on Instagram attracted followers, despite my family’s skepticism. As my skills improved, I began earning significant amounts and even taught others my strategy, aiming to help them achieve financial freedom.