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Guided Bootcamp

Designed for traders at ANY stage.

Beginner, advanced or anything in between, we help you become a profitable trader.

We skip past the "mumbo-jumbo" and get right to the main challenges that prevent majority of traders from turning trading into a sustainable career.

Proven Formula

After working with thousands of traders we've nailed the exact formula you need to go from an average trader to a pro.

On-Going Support

We don't just hand you a bunch of information and let you figure it out. We work with you weekly to help you engrain what you've learned.

Become Part of Something Bigger

There’s a lot of information that exists on the internet about how you can become a profitable trader. But for traders being a part of something bigger and meeting people who are on similar journey will help you stay on course.

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“I’ve taken everyone’s courses, 1-on-1 lessons, and spent thousands trying to get profitable. No disrespect to the other instructors in this industry but none of them are even close to as good as you are. Your system is so thorough and easy to digest that I started making money in week 2 and haven’t stopped since! Anyone that has the opportunity to learn from you should jump on it immediately. This is an absolute game changer! Thank you!”

Jim Zorbas


“I have been trading for the past two years. For a year and a half I was struggling to be consistent. I found myself losing many trades. I took a few courses that helped me out and started seeing more winning trades but not enough to make me profitable. Then I came across Alex. I saw how simple Alex made it look and knew I had to join. Let me just say, that Alex has changed the way I trade. To be completely honest, I loved everything about this bootcamp. My psychology, confidence, and understanding of the markets was on another level after.”

Leo Perez


“I’ve been trading for roughly 9 months now and this bootcamp DEFINITELY elevated my skillset. This bootcamp improved my strategy, but most of all it changed my MINDSET. I’m now way more patient for my trades and I don’t get involved in the stress > I learned that waiting is a huge part of trading and thanks to this I am starting to see results. I would HIGHLY recommend this bootcamp to anyone that’s struggling within the markets.”

Emilio Uranga


“I’ve traded for 2.5 years before joining the bootcamp. I’ve never used to pay attention to the higher timeframes proper, but Alex has opened my eyes. The simplicity of his process will change the way you trade. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to improve their market structure understanding.  Thank you Alex!”



“I appreciate the approach Alex took when teaching us – we got taught a whole trading framework from A-Z which was done in a simple and fun manner. I definitely improved on my market approach which is a key factor for me when entering trades, I feel a lot more confidence in my trading ability. So thank you bro!”

Tommy Taylor


“I’ve been trading for roughly a year now. What I loved most about the bootcamp was Alex’s attention to detail and his love not only for trading but for teaching and in his students.Alex is very personal and intelligent. After the bootcamp what helped me most was going over the recorded videos.”

York Roman


A message from Alex:

Hey, I’m

When I started trading, it was tough.
Real tough. I had no clue what I was doing.

But I knew that if I someone out there with the same 24 hours as me is able to master this trading-thing, then I can too.

The one thing I wish I had when I started trading was a proven system. It took me a ton of trial and error to learn and master the art of trading.

And, that’s why I started Swing Trading Lab.

To empower traders with a proven system, community, and support they need to turn trading into a full-time career.

Student Interviews

August 31, 2022

TOP student gets over $50,000 in payouts now a FULL TIME TRADER

June 3, 2022

Student QUITS construction job turns FULLTIME trader & turns $1500 to $7000 in 2 days

April 1, 2022

Interview with Top Student make 25% in 2 weeks Forex Swing Trader


Guided Bootcamp

One-time payment of $1,249

Frequently Asked Questions

The Guided Bootcamp is a recorded training that is fully self paced.

Inside this training Alex reveals his proven process that has worked for thousands of traders we worked with.

To be fair we can sit here and list a million reasons why this training is different.
But if we had to say it’s been the results our students achieve have been unmatched.

You see we didn’t just release a course with a bunch of videos. We’ve been working with small groups of students on LIVE bootcamps and dedicated everything to make sure our trading system works.

We will announce more details soon on how to join the Guided Bootcamp.

As for now you can join the waitlist to get more updates.

As for now the LIVE Bootcamps are closed and will be until further notice.